Reasons Your Commercial Kitchen Will Kill Your Business

If you have an existing business that’s looking to upgrade its kitchen equipment, or are starting up a company that will be operating in the food industry, what are some of the key things to bear in mind when upgrading equipment like your stainless kitchen rack and commercial kitchen steam tables?

 4Whether you were already au fait with it – or just let your account deal with for you – the importance of having a budget that you can stick to when starting or updating the equipment in your business will have become more crucial over the past few years.

Buying cheaper alternatives just so that you can stay within a budget can be a false economy. If you buy equipment that is fine for light daily use, and you plan to work with it on more of an industrial scale, then you may find yourself replacing the equipment constantly – and over a year or two you may spend more than if you had bought new in the first place.

ba1No matter how good this ‘new’ equipment is going to look on the surface, you are never really going to know just how hard a life it has had before it gets to you. What may have seemed like a great price of a ‘brand’ product could turn out to be a similar mistake to buying something cheap and new.

So if you are looking to make those upgrades in your kitchen then take a few minutes right now to visit – it will be time and money well spent.

Save on the cost of running the business

How much of a grasp do you have on your company’s figures? Of course, you’re probably going to find that the cost of your heating will go up over that period – possibly more than cancelling out what you pay to cool the place over the summer – but have you ever looked at the figures in terms of lighting your business?

JEDDid you realize that a large number of businesses have their lights in totally the wrong positions for their needs? This may be because they have reorganize the positions of desks or equipment over the years, to make the most of the space they have, but often it will mean that they don’t have their lights in the ‘right’ positions anymore.Well if you choose to install commercial LED lighting that uses a track system, then each time you move a desk – or add a new piece of vital equipment for the running of your business – you can just move the lights along the track to where it will make the most difference.

JED1The big advantage with LED recessed light bulbs, other than the obvious energy saving, is the fact that they aren’t intruding into your workspace. Once you’ve switched to one of the new lighting systems that are available through, you’ll start to notice a drop in the amount of money that you are paying out each month to light up your business.

Have You Come to the End of the Line with Your Kitchen Equipment Buying?

No matter whether your corporation is primarily based around your cooking area, or it’s a method of attempting to keep the staff of an organization fed and content, obtaining the very best goods, at the best price, is vital; purchasing high quality, long lasting equipment is the only sensible course of action.

BAYThe money you’re going to have to find to redesign a cooking area is likely to be restricted. It can be difficult to get new, high quality stainless kitchen equipment, which you know will last you for the foreseeable future, and won’t run a wrecking-ball through your carefully constructed budget. You might, of course, manage to get hold of the equipment you need, that’s an ‘end of production’ line; but what happens if the new hot food tables you’ve bought develop a fault? Are you certain you’d still be able to get the parts for them several months down the line?

One of the easiest ways to avoid all of these problems in the first place, though, would be to source your new equipment from restaurant equipment suppliers that have been in the business of supplying top of the range goods since 1965. These days companies that have had a solid reputation over a period of 50 years or more are few and far between, and you can rest assured that as well as the outstanding customer service that they have to supply to stay in business for that long, they will also BAY1have built up an unrivalled knowledge of the industry. Just to underline that, Bayonne Stainless are not only restaurant equipment suppliers, they design and manufacture the equipment that will be essential to your business.

No matter what business you choose to go into, you will always be faced with challenges, but certain things, when done right, will remove some of the problems that your new business has – things like starting with the best equipment available, at the right price, is something that you have the power over when buying at

Shop for the best of Hot food tables for your restaurant!

Choosing for Hot food tables? people would say that choosing the right stainless steel products for your business is a headache, but this could not be further from the truth! The fun begins when it is time to browse the many choices of cold food counters available. Before you begin searching ensure that you’ve made a list of the things that you want and need in your new pieces. Ensure that you are purchasing just the right size, as well as that you are buying a piece that is priced within your budget.

At Bayonnestainless you will find a large selection of Hot food tables. All of the available stainless kitchen equipment are sold at the best prices you will find anywhere. With more than 40 years in business you can always place an order with complete confidence that you will be satisfied with what you get. We have been making business owners smile since 1965, and if you order with them, smiles are sure to fill your face as well.

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Get your Kitchen Equipment Updated!

Finding the right location for your business and sorting out your finances so that you aren’t over extending the company in the first few critical years; but have you considered adding a kitchen to the premises so as to feed your hungry employees?

ImageBut before you consider buying equipment to your new kitchen you should consider a few things first.
For instance does this ‘new’ equipment come with any sort of guarantee? If you need to replace parts of a set will you be able to find a match? Just how close to the end of its natural life is the equipment that you’re thinking of buying? Do you have the money to buy a whole new set of restaurant equipment like cold food counters, hot food tables, cup & saucer dispensers, etc. in less than a years’ time if anything should go wrong with the second-hand or end of line equipment that you buy today?

ImageDealing directly with the manufacturer of your new stainless kitchen equipment means that you’ll be able to make savings over buying via a third-party. Talk to today it may be the wisest investment you have made since establishing your new business.

Get the best lighting system for your businesses!

The way that businesses have evolved over the years means that much of the lighting that we now have isn’t as practical as it once was. No longer are most people restricted to where they work in an office, so having lights placed above where a desk would normally have been isn’t quite as beneficial as it may have been originally. The potential mobility of workers in offices, or the goods on the floors of businesses, means that lighting needs to cover as much of the room as possible, and allow for the growth of the workforce, or repositioning of desks etc., without you having to upgrade your lighting each time.

ImageOne way that you can add some flexibility to your lighting system is to install low voltage track lighting. This means that you can reposition the lights as the office evolves. If you decide that you need to move desks to another part of the room to make better use of the space, you can just move the lights further along the low voltage track lighting to cover the area that’s now in use.

ImageNow is the time to bring your business out from the shadows, and have it step into the light with high quality, inexpensive, highly efficient commercial led lighting from Jedlights. Start to make those important changes by visiting to see just what you should be buying, and just how quick, easy, and inexpensive those changes can be.

Buying on online auction sites

One of the fastest ways to get products that you know your buyers will want is to buy liquidation pallets of household items, gardening equipment, fitness gear, etc. What are liquidation pallets? They are the customer returns that big catalog and retail businesses receive back every day.

ImageMost of the customer returns will be like new, or at least will have had very little use, and that means that you can expect to make a better margin on them as they are not exactly second-hand. In fact, because many will have been reconditioned, they are probably better than buying them new from the big chain stores.

If you head to you will find a great range of products on offer that you can snap up for very little. First you will have to go through the free signup procedure – all very quick and painless – and then you can spend the next hour or two seeing what pallets are being sold, comparing the prices with the retail cost to buy them, and then figure out the sort of returns that you can get by selling these through the auction sites.

ImageIt doesn’t take too long to get started; so while others are still searching for ideas, you could be searching for new products to sell.